When I first came to Congress, I came in the 1998 election. And I remember back in those days I would tell a lot of family and friends and constituents in Wisconsin: There are a lot of be-ers and doers in Congress.

Be-ers are people who come to be somebody—to be called Congressman, to have a title, to have a lapel pin, and to be important and be in the press. To be, not to do.

And then there are doers—people who actually believe in principles, ideas, and want to fight for those ideas no matter the consequences.

What we have now—the men and women here in this Congress—we have doers. We have people who are here who want to do the right thing for the right reasons, who believe in principles and ideas and getting things done, and they're willing to lose their seat over it. The most important thing for people here is not to get re-elected; it's to get something done. That's the kind of people we need in Congress, and that is why I feel like we are really a Majority of doers so much more than we ever have been before.

Visit better.gop to see the record of legislative accomplishments from this Republican Congress of doers, including:

  • A booming economy and the lowest unemployment in decades
  • A stronger military and the biggest pay raise for our troops in nine years
  • Safer communities and the largest-ever investment in the fight against opioids