This morning, a time-honored tradition took place as President Emmanual Macron became the eighth President of France to address a joint meeting of Congress. The United States' partnership with France dates all the way back to our nation's founding, and Speaker Ryan welcomed President and Madam Macron to the Capitol in the spirit of our longstanding friendship.

Yesterday, the leader of the world's largest democracy visited the Capitol of the world's oldest democracy. In his address before a joint meeting of Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India shared his commitment to fighting poverty—a subject that is near and dear to Speaker Ryan's heart and is also the first plank of the House Republican agenda for A Better Way

“It was an honor to host Prime Minister Modi at the Capitol today. He spoke eloquently about the importance of a strong U.S.-India relationship to promoting peace and freedom around the globe."
On Wednesday, the leader of the world's largest democracy (India) will address a joint meeting of Congress. That means he'll join a long list of foreign leaders who have spoken in the Hall of the House, the most recent of whom was Pope Francis. Here's how you can watch and participate in this historic day:

Pope Francis attended a private ceremony in the Speaker’s office where he blessed a rare Apostles Edition of the St. John’s Bible given to the Library of Congress from Saint John’s Abbey and University

Let us all go forth with gratitude and reflect on how we can better serve one another. Let us all go forth and live up to the words, God bless America.

While this terrace is all quiet now, it will be packed tomorrow as months of planning – and, in Speaker Boehner’s case, years of asking – come together for the Pope’s visit. You’ll be able to watch all of it live...

The Pope is expected to make a brief appearance on the West Front of the Capitol, where Boehner’s guests include 50 constituents from Ohio’s Eighth District...Also on the West Front, Speaker Boehner will host students from Washington’s inner-city Catholic schools.

On Thursday, the Pope will walk out on to the Speaker's Balcony of the Capitol. Here's the view.

Yesterday, history happened at the United States Capitol. Prime Minister Shinzō Abe became the first Japanese leader to address a joint meeting of Congress.