Boehner Announces Republican Appointments to Ethics Task Force |
House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) announced the appointment of four Republican Members that will serve on an ethics task force to study whether an outside enforcement entity is necessary to oversee member ethics conduct. He issued the following statement:
    “I appreciate Speaker Pelosi’s willingness to reach out to House Republicans and work with us on this important issue. The American people have every right to expect their elected leaders to adhere to the highest possible standards of ethical conduct, and it is critical that we restore the bonds of trust between the American people and their government. We look forward to the recommendations this bipartisan task force will make.”
Leader Boehner appointed the following Members to the panel:
  • Rep. Lamar Smith (TX)
  • Rep. Dave Camp (MI)
  • Rep. Dave Hobson (OH)
  • Rep. Todd Tiahrt (KS)