This morning, a time-honored tradition took place as President Emmanual Macron became the eighth President of France to address a joint meeting of Congress. The United States' partnership with France dates all the way back to our nation's founding, and Speaker Ryan welcomed President and Madam Macron to the Capitol in the spirit of our longstanding friendship.

1. Speaker Ryan and President Macron sit down together moments before the joint meeting begins.Speaker Ryan welcomes President Macron to the U.S. Capitol

2. Speaker Ryan welcomes President Macron to the Hall of the House to address a joint meeting of Congress.President Macron enters the House Chamber for a Joint Meeting of Congress

3. The first foreign dignitary to address the United States Congress was also French: General Marquis de Lafayette, whose portrait hangs in the House Chamber as seen in the photo below.

A portrait of Marquis de Lafayette hangs in the House Chamber.

4. President Macron receives a standing ovation from the United States Congress.A Joint Meeting of Congress

5. Speaker Ryan and his wife, Janna, bid farewell to President Macron and his wife, Brigette.

To watch President Macron's full address to Congress, click the video below.