Watch Speaker Ryan’s Tax Reform Remarks at Intel |

This afternoon, Speaker Ryan will deliver remarks to employees at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon on the need for pro-growth tax reform. The speaker will discuss how a more competitiveaffordable, and simple tax code will help create jobs, raise wages, and grow our economy.

Over the past few months, Speaker Ryan has criscrossed the country to make the case for tax reform directly to the American people. This event is part of his broader swing through the West Coast to meet with leading U.S. businesses and their workers about the challenges they face with regards to the tax code.

Watch the remarks live at 1:20 p.m. ET/10:20 a.m. PT on

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Bonus Video: Watch Speaker Ryan at Monday night’s CNN town hall in Racine, Wisconsin explain how tax reform will increase American competitiveness and allow people to file their taxes on the form the size of a postcard.

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