Speaker Ryan Touts AHCA Improvements on Hannity | Speaker.gov

Summary: Last night, Speaker Ryan appeared on Fox News’s Hannity to discuss the improvements made to the American Health Care Act to accelerate tax relief, give states additional flexibility as to how they spend their health care dollars, and ensure necessary resources to help older and disabled Americans.


“What we’ve been doing this entire process, Sean, has been listening to our members, finding out where the consensus is, and making improvements to the bill as we’ve gone on through the legislative process. As you know, it’s a four committee process. At the Budget Committee, there was an effort to say, let’s look at work requirements, let’s look at even more federalism for Medicaid—something very important to conservatives. There already is a per capita block grant, but some governors are saying, let me just take the whole thing in a block grant—and that’s what a lot of conservatives were asking for as well. Something we figured out we could get this bill to do. We always have to make sure that every change we make conforms to the Senate rules, which we have to play by, to make sure it can’t get filibustered. So that’s what we’ve been doing. So all these changes that have been added, we’re doing to make sure they’re done in such a way that it can’t get filibustered.

“We feel really good where we are. So, a lot of members have brought a lot of good ideas to the table—and you mentioned [tax credits]. That’s something that’s also important to the president. The president has said, let’s see if we can add to the people who are getting assistance who don’t get health care from their job, who are older—maybe in their 50s or their 60s—to make sure they’re in a good place as well. So we’re doing even more assistance there. More federalism, work requirements for Medicaid for able-bodied people. So these are the kinds of things that get Republicans in a good place.

“We feel very good. Our members have been working really hard at this. And we realize that this is coming to the point—the president’s going to do something in Kentucky tonight, he’s coming to talk to us tomorrow morning to give sort of a rally to our members to get this done—because you know what? We all promised this. We all said we would repeal and replace Obamacare if you give us a Republican president, a Republican House, and a Republican Senate. Well we have that now, and we’re working very closely with the administration. I got to tell you Sean, I’m really, really impressed with the president himself, rolling up his sleeves, getting involved, listening to members, brokering compromises, getting us on the same page, and getting to this place. So I feel very good where we are, and we’re going to move this through the House and go and take it on to the Senate.”