Today, Speaker Ryan discussed the myriad of issues the House is tackling this week, like human trafficking legislation, tax reform, and the annual national defense bill.

“The House continues to take action on issues that affect people in their everyday lives.

“Yesterday, the House passed three more bipartisan initiatives to combat human trafficking.  

“Today, the Ways and Means Committee is holding another hearing on tax reform. This one focuses on the struggles that small businesses are facing under the current tax code. Under this crazy system we have, successful small businesses pay a top marginal tax rate as high as 44.6 percent. They cannot compete like that. This is one of the reasons this is so important that we reform our tax code: to level the playing field for more jobs and for more growth. This is essential if we’re ever going to get our economy growing at its potential.

“Then tomorrow, the House is set to take action on our annual national defense bill. This is the next step in keeping our promise to rebuild our military for the 21st century. And this will give our troops a well-deserved, fully-funded pay raise.

“So these are just a few big issues we’re making progress on this week.”