Speaker Ryan Talks Health Care on Fox Business, The Laura Ingraham Show | Speaker.gov

Summary: This morning, Speaker Ryan appeared on Fox Business’s Mornings with Maria and The Laura Ingraham Show to discuss the American Health Care Act.

On Mornings with Maria, Speaker Ryan talked about how this plan was a long time coming:

This is something we wrote with President Trump. This is something we wrote with Senate committees. So just so you know, Maria, this is the plan we ran on all of last year. This is the plan that we’ve been working—House, Senate, White House—together on. And now, as we get closing to finish[ing], going through the committee process, you inevitably make those refinements and improvements as you go through that process. That’s exactly where we are right now.”

The promise that was made to voters by everybody running for House, Senate, and president was: We will repeal and replace. And so we’re using the budget tools that we have in the Senate to do repeal and replace. Remember Maria, this is why we have a three part process. If we could put everything we wanted into this one bill and have it voted on with 51 votes in the Senate, we would do that. But because of the Senate rules and how narrow they are to do what we call reconciliation, you can’t put everything you want in that bill, like say interstate shopping across state lines. And so, this bill is what we can pass through reconciliation, which effectively repeals and replaces the law. It’s a very good start.”

On The Laura Ingraham Show, Speaker Ryan stressed the importance of the next phase of our three-pronged approach:

We’re taking out the taxes and the spending of Obamacare . . . and then we’re replacing it with Republican tax policy that’s been long standing stuff that the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, have been talking for years. It’s the Tom Price bill that most conservatives cosponsored here just last year. . . .

Our goal is to improve access to health care by lowering the cost of health care and increasing competition. And so this is what phase two is all about. Tom Price can deregulate health care. When the Democrats wrote this law—which they took 60 votes to write it—they put 1400 provisions in the law that says the secretary has all this discretion. Well Tom Price is going to use that discretion in reverse. And the states will be able to create their own free markets in health care. He’s going to deregulate the federal system. . . .

“You take those first two moves: the repeal and replace—that’s reconciliation, that’s Republican only—and the Trump administration’s deregulation that they have the authority to do. Those two moves right there dramatically lower health care costs, increase choices, go back to states setting up free markets.”