This week, Speaker Ryan joined Fox News Radio’s Benson & Harf for a wide-ranging interview on everything from the Farm Bill, to the Democrats’ promise to repeal the tax law, and the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Watch their conversation here and check out excerpts below.

On the Farm Bill:

Speaker Ryan: “We are well on our way to executing our agenda…We’ve passed well over 500 bills here in the House, the fastest pace in about four presidents, since the President has taken the oath and we’ve been in the majority here…At the end of our agenda was working on people. Getting people from welfare to work, working on skills, closing the skills gap, closing the opportunity gap. So what does that mean? We have on the floor this week our welfare reform, and our workforce development reforms…We’re saying for able-bodied people on food stamps, there’s going to be a work requirement. We think that’s really important. We think it gets people from welfare to work, and a job training requirement. We’re also doing career [and] technical education reform, we’re doing prison reform. We’ve passed one major infrastructure bill, which is a part of the Trump agenda that’s out of the House. Another one’s coming down the pike, not to mention appropriations, and many other regulatory relief issues. Our Dodd-Frank Bill is going to be moving to the House in about a week, which is repealing and replacing Dodd-Frank. So we are well on our way in executing our agenda, and we’ve got plenty more that we’re going to be doing in the weeks and months ahead.”

On Tax Reform:

Guy Benson: “I think the crown jewel, you could argue, of that agenda, at least the successes so far, is tax reform.”

Speaker Ryan: “Absolutely, because look at the economy that it is helping produce…It’s really turning out economic growth in jobs, which makes it easier to do welfare reform, to pull able-bodied people who are on welfare off of the sidelines, into the work force. So it puts us into a virtuous cycle where we want to get people on the sidelines back in the work force, and that’s why we’re now moving with our work force development agenda.”

Guy Benson: “You’ve got Nancy Pelosi saying that if the Democrats win, she wants to repeal or roll back tax reform. You’ve been talking about making the middle-class tax cuts permanent. Is that going to happen?”

Speaker Ryan: “We’re working on the timing with it, but that is something that we obviously intend on doing. That’s something that we think most people want, and that is something that we will be bringing through here in the House.”

On Israel:

Speaker Ryan: “Obviously, I’m for the embassy. We voted for this years ago, on a bipartisan basis. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Hamas is pushing people through the border. And so any sovereign country obviously has a right to defend its own border when people are, when there are incursions occurring across the border. These civilian casualties, loss of life, it’s very regrettable, but clearly Israel has a right to defend its border against these incursions, and, yes, I would put the blame on Hamas, as well, because Hamas is the one who’s responsible for trying to push people in and through the border, into conflict. If Hamas didn’t do that, you wouldn’t have the conflict. Israel has a right to defend its own borders, like any sovereign country.”