Speaker Ryan on the Radio: AHCA Reflects ‘Decades of Conservative Policymaking’ | Speaker.gov

Summary: This morning, Speaker Ryan called The Mike Gallagher Show to highlight three key factors of the American Health Care Act:

Levels the playing field:

What we’re doing here is we’re letting people decide what they want to do with their lives, what kind of health insurance they want for themselves. And we’re going to equalize the tax treatment of health care so that finally people who don’t get job-based insurance get a tax benefit. Right now, if you get insurance from your job, you get a massive tax benefit—it’s not taxed, that benefit. But if you don’t get health care from your job—and you’re working hard—there’s no tax benefit for that. We equalize that so that everybody has an opportunity to go buy health care of their choosing.”

Incorporates years of conservative reform:

“[This bill] reflects decades of conservative policymaking for health care reform. Decades of work from the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, and conservative thought scholars. And so this reflects that. This is the Tom Price bill, basically, that he’d been carrying for years—which is basically considered the gold standard of health care reform for conservatives.

Empowers states:

Look at what this bill does. It, for the first time in history, defederalizes a major entitlement—meaning gets the federal government out of it, sends it back to the states, and caps its growth.”

Not to mention we haven’t even gotten to phase two, which is deregulation of the health insurance markets that Tom Price is bringing to the table, which gives us a free market system. Which lets the states go back and open up free health care markets so the people can buy what they want to buy, not what the government makes you buy.”

Listen to the full interview here.