Speaker Ryan on Fox News: We Have an Obligation to Keep Our Promises | Speaker.gov

Tonight, Speaker Ryan appeared on Fox News’s First 100 Days with Martha MacCallum to discuss the American Health Care Act. Watch the interview here.

This is the plan Republicans promised to deliver.

This is the replace plan that we all ran on. Remember, we’ve been saying for well over a year that we want to repeal and replace Obamacare. The president made it very forceful in his campaign but also since the campaign that we’re going to repeal and replace at the same time. This is something we’ve all been saying we will do. Because we want to replace Obamacare, which is a government-run program, with market competition, with patient-centered health care, where people get to do what they want to do—where they have real choice. And so we’ve worked on this bill starting January 2016, and wrote this bill from January to June, released it to the country, ran on it all fall, and then transmitted it into legislative text. It has now passed with unanimous Republican votes out of two of our committees—we’re in that four committee process. So it’s going through what we call regular order on its way into law.”

We have an obligation to keep that promise.

As a governing party, we have an obligation to keep our promises, to pass the reforms that we told people we would pass if we got this opportunity, to be in the majority, with a Republican Senate, so we’re doing that. … Then when the House passes it, it goes over to the Senate, so if Senators have an issue, if Senators have a problem, they have their own process to go with over there, so I would suggest Senators should just amend the bill when it comes over there. This is the legislative process.”

And we will do so through a three-step process.

"We have to write this in such a way that it can’t get filibustered. That it can pass with 51 votes in the Senate. And that means this legislation can’t have everything we want in it. That’s why we have a three-part process, which is: part one, 51 votes to repeal and replace, which is this bill; part 2, Tom Price deregulates the marketplace and lets the states go back to opening up market competition so that the states regulate health care. That’s a huge act of federalism;. . . . Part 3, is what you were talking about. . . . These bills that we’re talking about in part 3 were never in the bill that we passed last year, in 2015, because they can’t because of reconciliation rules.”