Speaker Ryan on Fox News: Long-Standing Conservative Reform | Speaker.gov

Summary: Last night, Speaker Ryan appeared on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss how the American Health Care Act is one of the three phases Republicans are rolling out to repeal and replace Obamacare with a patient-centered system.  


This bill, which is the first phase of a three phase plan, is what we can pass without a filibuster in a budget bill. There are things like interstate shopping of health care, association of health plans to let people buy their health insurance nationwide buying pools, medical liability reform—all those things we very much believe in and part of our Better Way agenda, you cannot put in a budget bill, because then they can filibuster that entire bill.

So what we’re having here is: We’re passing this first installment, which is to gut Obamacare, repeal the mandates, repeal the taxes, repeal the spending. Then we replace it with conservative tax policy that has been long-standing conservative reform—health savings accounts, tax credits to go buy what you want to buy in state regulated marketplaces, not federal, and risk pools. This is something that conservatives, from the Heritage Foundation to AEI, have been pushing for years. And then the other pieces that we really believe in—Tom Price in phase two deregulates the marketplace. There are 1442 provisions in Obamacare that say the secretary has discretion. Tom Price is going to use that discretion to unwind Obamacare. And then phase three: Pass those other bills we very much believe in, like shopping across state lines, like medical liability reform…

The point here is: we are keeping our promises. We’re excited about this. We’re taking one entitlement, we’re defederalizing it, and we’re capping it. The other entitlement, we’re repealing and replacing it with Republican conservative tax policy. This is nothing but a win for conservatives.”