Speaker Ryan Calls Into The Sean Hannity Show | Speaker.gov

Summary: This afternoon, Speaker Ryan called into The Sean Hannity Show to discuss specifics of the American Health Care Act, clearing the air(waves) on some of the misconceptions surrounding the bill.

An improvement on the 2015 repeal bill
“So 2015 wasn’t a full repeal either. It did the things that we are doing now: end the Medicaid expansion, defund the subsidies, kill the taxes, and kill the mandates. Those are the elements of repealing Obamacare that you can put through reconciliation, which basically guts the law. That’s exactly what we did in 2015 and no more. In this bill, we added our replace policy. That’s the only difference here is we basically said, President Trump and House Republicans said, we’re going to get one crack at this. The last thing we want to do is repeal it, and then have replace being filibustered. We want to repeal it, and put the replace in the repeal bill so that they can’t filibuster it so we can get House Republican conservative health care policy in place.”

On tax credits as a so-called “entitlement”
No, that’s not an entitlement. Letting people keep more of their own money and doing what they want with it is not an entitlement. . . . If you think letting people keep more of their own money and letting them do what they want with it is an entitlement, then you must believe this is Washington’s money. . . . So I don’t, for the life of me, understand why a person would say giving taxpayers tax credits is an entitlement.”