Protecting Jobs and Stopping Overregulation: Speaker Ryan’s Remarks from Weekly Press Conference |

Summary: This morning at his weekly press conference, Speaker Ryan provided an update on congressional action to protect jobs and reverse Obama-era overregulation.

Opening Statement:

“Congress continues to take action to reverse the tide of overregulation. The Congressional Review Act does exactly what its title suggests. It gives Congress the authority to review—and reverse—regulations that have been recently finalized.

“In its first 20 years on the books, Congress was able to successfully use this authority just once. But since President Trump took office, we have already sent 11 measures to his desk. And the Senate is acting on another one today.

“Many of these initiatives are designed to protect jobs, especially for America’s energy workers. With one bill, we stopped a rule that would have wiped out one-third of the jobs in coal country alone. Combine our actions with the steps that the president has taken to jumpstart pipelines and reverse President Obama’s assault on affordable energy. These things will help get people back to work, and after years of sluggish growth, give a real boost to our economy.

“But with all of these measures, we are doing something very, very fundamental. And that’s the point I think is really worth seeing here. For too long, we have had unelected bureaucrats writing our laws. We have been having unelected bureaucrats dictating the rules that we have to live under, and the rest of the government just goes along with it. But now we are returning power from Washington to states and communities and to the elected branch of government.

“We are giving people more control and more of a say in the decisions that are made in their classrooms, at their businesses, on their lands. This is good progress, and we’re going to make more in the weeks to come.”