President Trump Hosts Small Businesses to Talk Tax Reform |

2017 is the year for tax reform. Our committees are working to produce legislation that will level the playing field for American businesses. That means slashing the corporate tax rate as low as possible and creating a new, lower tax rate for small businesses.

Today, under our crazy system, successful small businesses pay a top marginal tax rate of 44.6 percent. Compare that with the 22.5 percent average paid by the rest of the world, and you can see why it's so hard for our businesses to compete.

Speaker Ryan put it best during his first major tax speech of the year, where he delivered a clear message to our manufacturers: We are going to simplify the code and cut your taxes.

At 3:00 p.m. ET today, President Trump will host small businesses from across the country for a discussion on tax reform. These job creators are the lifeblood of our economy, but the broken and outdated tax code makes it difficult for them to invest in their companies, hire more workers, and raise wages. Watch the event live here.

The event follows the House, Senate, and White House leaders’ announcement last week that they are united on a path forward on tax reform. Learn more about that here.

It’s time to bring jobs back home, cut taxes, and grow our economy. It’s time to make America the best once again. It’s time to get this done in 2017.

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