Obamacare and Delivering Results: Speaker Ryan on Meet the Press | Speaker.gov

Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Speaker Ryan discussed repealing and replacing Obamacare and what a unified Republican government can accomplish in 2017 and beyond.


“If you’re going to repair the American health care system and fix its problems, you have to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better. . . . It is a collapsing law. Five states have one plan to choose from. A third of all the counties in America have one plan to choose from. Seventy percent of all counties in America have one or two plans to choose from—that’s a monopoly or duopoly. Premiums are going up double digits. Deductibles are so high it doesn’t even feel like you have health insurance. So the law is literally in the middle of a collapse. And it’s our duty, as representatives of our constituents, of the American people, to step in front of this crash and rescue people from this collapsing health care system and replace it with something better.”

Delivering Results

“I’m focused on delivering results. We ran on specific reforms, specific solutions, that we believe will improve people’s lives. That’s why we’re here. That’s why people gave us these jobs and this responsibility. So really what I’m focused on is that. Get the policies done, make good on our promises and reforms to make people’s lives better in this country.”

“All the division, the polarization in America, I think a lot if it can be healed if we get people back to work, if we help get people out of poverty, if we keep us safe, if we get faster economic growth, and more jobs, and higher wages—if we can fix these problems that are solvable in this country, that’s what going to matter at the end of the day.”

Watch Speaker Ryan’s full interview above.