London Speech: Ryan Praises NATO, Calls for US-UK Trade Deal |

Yesterday, Speaker Ryan addressed UK think tank Policy Exchange in London to discuss the unwavering bonds between the United States and Great Britain, the importance of NATO in countering Russian aggression, and the need to strengthen transatlantic economic cooperation.

Click here to watch the full speech and check out some of the top headlines below:

Speaker Ryan: ‘NATO Is Essential’
“Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) praised the enduring alliance between the United States and United Kingdom Wednesday while calling on Britain to help combat ‘Russian aggression’ through NATO, which he deemed ‘essential.’ ‘So let’s be clear: The actions of Russia are not the actions of a friend,’ Ryan said at the U.K. think tank Policy Exchange in London.” (The Hill)

Paul Ryan Calls for New US-UK Trade Deal
“Paul Ryan addressed the conservative think tank Policy Exchange in London today, stating that he is in the United Kingdom to send the message that ‘the United States stands ready to forge a new trade agreement with Great Britain as soon as possible’ as Brexit progresses. Dismissing the notion that votes for Brexit and Trump meant the U.S. and U.K. were ‘turning inward,’ Ryan said: ‘We are determined more than ever to lead. We don’t want China to write the rules of the 21st century economy. We want to do that together.’” (Axios)

Paul Ryan: Brexit, Trump Victories a Blow Against ‘Arrogant’ Elites
“British and American voters have called for ‘a renewal of first principles’ through their votes in favor of Brexit and President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan suggested while traveling in Europe this week. ‘Our countries have voted for sweeping change,’ Ryan said Wednesday. ‘Some try to say too much change. But if anything, we are seeing a renewal of first principles, of people reasserting their right of self-determination against arrogant and paternalistic elites. As President Trump has said, the forgotten men and women . . . will be forgotten no longer.'" (Washington Examiner)

Paul Ryan Praises ‘Bold Leadership’ of Theresa May and Proposes US-UK Free Trade Deal
“Paul Ryan, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, has praised Theresa May’s ‘bold leadership’ ahead of the snap general election. . . . He was speaking shortly after MPs voted to give the May the authority to bring forward the scheduled 2020 election to this year. ‘We just had a pretty interesting election. And I guess well, you felt like you were being left out,’ Ryan told the Policy Exchange think-tank. ‘The one thought that came to mind when I watched what transpired, was that this is a time for bold leadership and Theresa May is certainly setting the standard.’” (HuffPo UK)

Paul Ryan Reaffirms US Commitment to UK and NATO on London Visit
"In an address to UK think tank Policy Exchange on Wednesday (19 April), US House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke about the special relationship between the US and the UK and wished the UK luck on the upcoming general election. Ryan also praised Prime Minister Theresa May for ‘setting the standard’ on ‘bold leadership’. ‘Times like these call for bold leadership, and Theresa May is certainly setting the standard,’ Ryan said. The House speaker called news of the upcoming general election a ‘historic event’ but joked that British politicians would not receive much sympathy from the Congressional delegation.” (International Business Times)

Top Republican Paul Ryan Assures UK of US Trade Ties in London Visit
“The US stands ready to agree a free trade deal with the UK as soon as possible, Paul Ryan, the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, has said in London. He also predicted that the UK would be able to sign a Brexit agreement with the EU, adding that the US, as a special ally, would be standing by the UK all the way through the talks. Ryan’s remarks, echoing previous promises by Donald Trump, will be music to the ears of the international trade secretary, Liam Fox, who was in the Policy Exchange think tank audience addressed by Ryan.” (The Guardian)

Paul Ryan Announces US Is Ready to Forge a New Bilateral Trade Deal with UK ‘as soon as possible’
“Paul Ryan, the US House speaker, has said America was ready to forge a new bilateral trade deal with the UK as soon as possible. His commitment to a new economic relationship between the US and UK came almost a year to the day that Barack Obama, the former president, threatened to send Britain to the ‘back of the queue’ if it voted to leave the European Union. The House speaker said Brexit should be viewed as ‘a real opportunity for our two nations’ and warned against China ‘writing the rules of the 21st century global economy.’” (The Telegraph)