Key Democrat on 'Cromnibus': "We Probably Have Made Some Wrong Choices" |

Yesterday it was revealed that the Democrats broke their pledge to shut down earmarks in their massive $463.5 billion spending measure. In fact, their bill includes hundreds of millions of dollars for hidden earmarks – earmarks such as the $44.6 million for a Tropical Rain Forest in Iowa, and $266 million in previously cancelled earmarks going to the Department of Energy (DOE).

In today’s Washington Post the new chairman of the Appropriations Committee – the House Democrats’ point-man on spending – acknowledged reality:

“I don’t love this proposal and we probably have made some wrong choices.”

Why was it necessary to keep this $463.5 billion spending measure hidden from public scrutiny until the last possible moment? With hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks that continue to receive funding under the bill, we now have our answer.