• The largest dollar amount ever for the VA
  • Better care for our veterans
  • Better infrastructure for our military
  • New investments in nuclear technology
  • More resources for the Capitol Police

There’s no shortage of reasons to back the minibus measure the Appropriations Committee released on Monday. Two key House committee chairs yesterday announced their strong support for this funding package. Take a look:

  • Veterans Affairs’ Committee Chairman Phil Roe (R-TN):Under this bipartisan agreement, VA is set to receive the largest dollar amount in history. Additionally, VA will receive the funding needed for implementation of the VA MISSION Act while adhering to the existing and necessary caps on federal spending. . . . This legislation is essential to ensure veterans receive the care and services they deserve, and I thank appropriators for their commitment to our nation’s heroes.” Read Chairman Roe’s full statement.
  • Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX):This appropriations package provides crucial support to our national security and to our veterans.  . . . Our military infrastructure is at a crisis point. Veterans struggle to access services, and leaders from both parties have recognized the need for new investment in our nuclear enterprise. This bill tackles each of these problems. It should be supported, and then we must ensure that we fully fund all elements of our nation’s security.” Read Chairman Thornberry’s full statement.

Both of these statements speak to the importance of following through on the commitments Congress has made. Whether it’s the reforms in the VA MISSION Act or the rebuilding of our military, this minibus puts in place critical funding to help see these things through.

In honor of today’s Apple Event, there’s One More Thing:

This is the first time since 2007—2007!—that we will send multiple appropriations bills to the president’s desk prior to the end of the fiscal year. So it’s a significant milestone, a return to the ‘regular order’ we have been seeking for years. And the Appropriations Committees have set conference committee meetings in the coming days to take up the next two minibus measures. But it all begins with this one, so let’s get it done.