It's Go Time |

Summary: This afternoon, Speaker Ryan joined Dana Perino on Fox News’s America’s News Headquarters to offer a simple reminder: Failing to pass the American Health Care Act means the Obamacare collapse continues—and good people will get hurt along the way.

Remember: Obamacare is collapsing:

Obamacare is a collapsing law—double-digit premiums this year, a projection of even higher premium increases next year. Basically forced insurance monopolies—five states, one plan left; a thousand counties, one insurer left. Insurers are pulling out of the marketplace. So the thing’s collapsing. So people are trying to compare what we’re doing with a law that is quickly collapsing, and it’s really kind of a faulty comparison. And what we have long said is we need to repeal and replace this law with patient-centered health care to give people choices. Let people buy what they want to buy, not what the government forces them to buy. I know people on the Left don’t like that, but . . . that’s what we think will save the American health care system—having a patient-centered system with choice and competition.”

Doing nothing is not a choice:

Doing nothing means the collapse occurs and good people get hurt. Doing nothing means skyrocketing premiums coming up in 2017 and 2018. Doing nothing means more insurance companies pull out and people have nothing. So we just believe we have a moral obligation and a duty now that we’re the governing party to step in front of that collapse—and, by the way, replace it with good reforms that work. These reforms, whenever tested, have worked. So we really believe we’re onto something good here.”

That’s why it’s go time:

We are in the fourth quarter of the House passing this bill, which is the fourth committee. Now that we’re getting to the fourth committee of a four committee process, that’s when a lot of negotiations really intensify, near the end of the process. And that’s what this is—this is called legislating. . . . What’s important for us is, we have to broker compromises to make sure that we draft legislation that can actually pass. . . .We know we’ll feel good at the end of the day here because members promised that we would repeal and replace this disastrous and collapsing law. And that is what we are intent on doing.”