Health Savings Accounts: A Staple of Conservative Health Care Reform |

Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs, are tax-free health care savings accounts for Americans with high-deductible health plans. This may sound like more beltway jargon, but HSAs are critical for helping Americans save and spend their health care dollars more wisely.

The American Health Care Act would nearly double the amount Americans can contribute to their accounts, which will give you greater choice and flexibility in purchasing coverage. This idea was in the Better Way plan released last June, and it is modeled after a bill introduced by now-HHS Secretary Tom Price. That proposal was cosponsored by 84 House Republicans.

Conservative leaders have long advocated for making HSAs a focal point of health care reform. Take a look:

Heritage Foundation: “Health Savings Accounts offer Americans a new coverage option for their health care needs. They give them a new choice in coverage design, greater control of their health care spending, and the ability to own their own health care plans. These are all key features in moving America's health care system to a consumer-based system.”

American Enterprise Institute: HSAs should be a central component of health care in the United States. The accounts provide strong incentives for their owners to seek the best value for their health care purchases, and they provide a ready vehicle for providing additional protection against high medical expenses.”

Cato Institute: HSAs reduce government’s influence over consumers’ medical decisions by reducing the price distortions created by the federal tax code. . . . HSAs should be expanded further still to give individuals full ownership of and control over all their health care dollars.

2017 Project: The key to lowering health costs is to inject new life into the individual market, which has long labored under a huge government-created disadvantage. . . . we propose borrowing from the 2009 House Republican bill, from the Republican Study Committee’s recently released America Health Care Reform Act, and from the Coburn-Burr-Hatch proposal, all of which would liberalize rules regarding contributions to, and spending from, health savings accounts (HSAs).

Americans for Tax Reform: Expanding and protecting HSAs is one component to ensuring Americans have access to patient centered health care that best fits their needs and keeps costs low.”

Freedom Works: We need to expand and strengthen patient-friendly HSAs in order to allow more Americans to save money for their own health care and to continue driving down costs.”

Americans for Prosperity: Unleashing the full potential of HSAs by allowing Americans to use the funds they have saved to pay for the type of health care they want–without the government needlessly interjecting prohibitive restrictions–is certainly a patient-centered reform.

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