Ending the Culture of Overregulation: Speaker Ryan’s Remarks from Leadership Press Conference | Speaker.gov

Summary: Today, Speaker Ryan discussed the steps Congress and the Trump administration are taking to reverse the Obama administration’s regulatory overreach.

Opening statement:

“As of today, Congress has approved more than a dozen separate measures to take excessive regulations off the books. This includes measures that save jobs in coal country, protect retirement savings, cut costs for small businesses.

“After years of sluggish, pathetic economic growth, this is one way we are working to boost our economy and create jobs.

“Of course, it’s not just Congress taking action. The Trump administration has initiated a review of a number of major regulations that are strangling job creation.  It has been estimated that, so far, these changes—just this year—have saved families and businesses more than $63 billion.

“Think about that. That is a big, broad number, but what it comes down to is this: After years of talk about cutting red tape, it is now actually happening. We are reversing the Obama administration’s most recent and last regulatory onslaught. And, more fundamentally, we are returning power from unelected bureaucrats in Washington to the states and the people that we represent.

“For example, one of the rules that we have overturned is called the ‘BLM Planning 2.0 Rule.’ That sounds pretty innocuous and anodyne to some of us. But for the people in Liz Cheney’s state in Wyoming and all around the West, it was a huge power grab that would have hurt jobs and local industry. It was imposed with little input from the states and with no input from landowners. And it was another example of a distant, arrogant bureaucracy that simply just was not listening to the people.

“Ending the culture of overregulation is going to take more than a few months, but we have made a good start. And this is something we’re going to keep tackling so that we can help this economy create more good-paying jobs.”