Restoring Military ‘Primacy’: “I am very confident that what the Congress has now done, and the president is going to allocate to us in the budget, is what we need to bring us back to a position of primacy,” Secretary Mattis said earlier this year on defense funding.

2.6:  The recent Defense funding bill gave U.S. troops a 2.6 percent raise—their biggest pay raise in nine years—recognizing the dedication of the more than 1.3 million active-duty troops.  

Before: “Pentagon to cut spending by $78 billion, reduce troop strength” (The Washington Post, 1/7/11)

After: “After years of devastating cuts, we’re now rebuilding our military like never before,” President Trump noted as he signed a $716 billion defense funding bill. “Every day our military was fighting for us, and now we’re fighting for you.” (The Washington Times, 8/13/18) … “For The First Time In A Decade, The Department Of Defense Begins New Fiscal Year With Funding In Place” (WTKR, 10/1/18)  

When They Come Home: When service members come home, it is our duty to serve them. That’s why this Congress has made it a priority to provide adequate funding for the Defense Health Program, supporting troops, military families, and retirees. It’s also why months of work went into a bill to implement true reforms throughout the Veterans Affairs health care system—reforms that will finally restore the care of veterans to the front and center of the VA’s mission. The VA MISSION Act is now law, moving one step closer to a system where veterans receive the high-quality, timely care they have more than earned.

A Better Way: Two years ago, Speaker Ryan and House Republican leaders promised to rebuild our military: “We offer a better way to give us the kind of military we need to do the job that we ask of our brave men and women serving in our military.” With the Defense Department fully funded on time for the first time in 10 years, and unprecedented resources dedicated to bolstering readiness, this is a promise delivered.

Better Off Now: “We did not just undo military cuts. We wanted to equip our armed forces with the resources they needed to address a devastating readiness crisis. We moved from aging equipment and undertrained troops to a historic defense buildup…Secretary Mattis is getting what he needs to build a more agile, lethal 21st-century fighting force.”

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