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Intel Bill Shifts Resources From Fighting Al Qaeda to Studying "Bugs and Bunnies"

May 09, 2007

On the same day the House takes up legislation rationing funds for our troops and forcing a quick withdrawal from Iraq, lawmakers will be asked to support a proposal that shifts critical intelligence resources from studying al Qaeda to studying climate change. Read More

VIDEO: Boehner Speech on Dem Plan to Ration Troop Funds, 5/10/07

May 09, 2007

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) delivers a speech on the House floor on Democrats' plan to ration troop funding. Read More

Boehner Floor Statement on Emergency Supplemental

May 09, 2007

Today, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) delivered a floor speech on the emergency war spending bill authored by Democrats designed to ration critical funding for our troops in the field. Below are Boehner’s remarks: Read More

On the Floor: Homeland Security Bill, Minus the Security

May 08, 2007

On the House floor today is the Department of HomelandSecurity Authorization Act (H.R. 1684), a bill that was unanimously approved bythe Homeland Security Committee in March.  Unfortunately, Democratswill try to prevent Members fromhaving the opportunity to debate the bipartisan bill as it was approved. Instead, they plan to strip out critical bipartisan security protections. For example, Democrats are: Read More

Two-Month Surrender Scheme Already Veto Bait

May 08, 2007

In an article in USA Today, Republicans responded forcefully to the latest “slow-bleed” approach of rationing funding for American troops: Read More