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Speaker Ryan: Funding Bill Turns the Page on the Obama Years

May 03, 2017

Watch Speaker Ryan's remarks on the House floor in support of legislation to fund the government until the end of the fiscal year. Read More

A Win for Republicans

May 03, 2017

The funding bill is a win for Republicans. Here’s why: Read More

Speaker Ryan Touts Conservative Wins in Funding Bill with Hugh Hewitt

May 03, 2017

Today, Speaker Ryan joined The Hugh Hewitt Show, where he discussed how the government funding bill will reduce EPA employment levels, include no new money for Obamacare, and increase defense spending and border security. Read More

Funding Bill Reverses Obama-Era Crusade Against School Choice

May 02, 2017

School choice puts a better education in the reach of more children. It gives parents more options, whether it’s public schools, private schools, charter schools, magnet schools, online universities, or homeschooling. Read More

VERIFIED: MacArthur and Upton Amendments Strengthen AHCA, Protect People with Pre-Existing Conditions

May 02, 2017

Here’s how the MacArthur and Upton amendments help us lower premiums there while keeping protections for the most vulnerable in place: Read More